how i made 500 online - Making Money Online
How I made $500 Online form $20 online in a single day? Making Money Online

What I am going to cover in this blog it’s really very interesting. I’m very excited about this blog. A couple of months ago I got an idea why I don’t use native advertising to advertise my articles on my own website but not only this inside the articles.

Where I will mention my paid services like my paid courses so I run this test I used how to bring native advertising for twenty dollars for one day.

How I make $500 online?

In this making money online article I am going to teach you how I run a paid campaign on a huge website with $20 only and I got 676 clicks. Which made $500 online. I chose Facebook Ads and Google Ads which have millions of monthly traffic.

OK friends! so let’s start together. So what is the first step simply to write an article. I went to my website “” and write a new article. It was about creating a full main server where I write how to send unlimited emails.
So email marketers will be interested in such topics even reading and taking general knowledge about them. So I love this topic or article you can see it’s somehow a long article explain a step by step guide with writing on how to build your own mail server or mail system.

So what is the idea now I got this link and went out the brain here is outer brain native advertising and by the way if you don’t know what is native advertising.
It’s simply those who just visit the website “” and you will see some blinking ads in the footer, header, sidebar, etc. So these are called native ads.

Anyway now then I run a paid campaign on a huge website with $20 only and I got 676 clicks. Which made $500 online. I chose Facebook Ads and Google Ads which have millions of monthly traffic.

It’s really a highly valuable network they are trusted and people who are surfing such websites are somehow ready to invest online.

Anyway now so I let’s spouse I got 600 views to my article. But you can use other networks like tabula, maybe Facebook Ads, Google Ads whatever native advertising you want. You just need some clicks on your website.

I found the auto brain is somehow good because you can invest only $20 per day and you can set the clicks to 0.03 per click. Which is really good if you want to test a campaign. So I got these 600 views to my website.

By the way when you target native advertising and create a new campaign be specific. It’s very important to target the correct people. So I run a campaign like this one I said the target audience those who are interested in email marketing. So as I told you anyone interested in email marketing will be curious about building his own mail server and sending unlimited emails.

Anyway now this person who is interested in email marketing and got this article and start reading what I did simply in the article. We can see I mentioned my referral links where you will visit and buy some tools so I will get a commission from the owner (not from you). Also, I linked my websites so you will visit that website too.

So if anyone is interested in email marketing more about these topics he/she can click and buy the software. So what happened! for example when you will click and buy a tool like $200 so I will get $50 per sales commission.

So you can see how simple it is. Now I want to mention some more details that will help you run such campaigns you can see my website “” is a WordPress-based website.

So let’s open another article just an example. You will see while a person is reading the article, He/She will see a popup to buy email marketing tools. So he/she will click on it and will go there to buy directly from the developer/producer.

Also, you can collect emails by popup and referring people to the signup newsletter.

You can mention in the popup that if you want a free $50 coupon to buy an email marketing tool for free to test it before you start. Just enter your name and email and I will send you a $50 coupon very nice.

So in the same way you can collect email to target clients and as I told you I’m advertising my affiliate links too.

I got around 150 leads monthly with this method.


Anyway now as I told you:

  • I got $500 as a revenue
  • I collected email leads
  • I got visitors.


Each day I spend $20 to get 600+ visitors on my website in one day and earn $500+ from sales.

So you are the winner even if one person only buys the software. In this way, you spend $20 and got $50 per sale.

Other tips I want to mention here that these things about email marketing software are targeted A shorten links can generate more clicks.

I shortened links and I used my own domain to get clicks.

It’s really very important to know how to shorten links.

If you want so to sum up this whole case study simply write a high-value content article then advertise this article with a native ads network like the auto brain, tabouleh, Facebook, google ads, or whatever you want.

Be specific and targeting the correct people. Then when people came to your website or to your article be sure that you are mentioning a premium service inside this article.

In the same way, be sure to collect leads using forms and as a best practice use URL shortening service. So you can monitor your clicks.

Before I end this article maybe someone is asking this obvious question. Why you don’t do this every day? Why you don’t increase your advertising budget and get more revenue? Simply the answer is “I am doing this”.

I advertise every day using native ads, using Google Ads, using Facebook, etc.

I own revenue every day and this is my online business. But here in this article, I’m sharing with you. Maybe the least scenario that everyone can implement and test.

I don’t want to tell you to start with $100 no! I’m sharing with you my first point. I started a couple of months ago in this field in native advertising and sharing this experience with you. That is the idea of this article.

That’s it.

I hope you got some benefit. Please if you have any questions any suggestions any ideas so you can comment below. I will be here any time to help you.

Please if someone tested this in his own scenario or on maybe physical products, Maybe it’s somehow different from any case scenario you have.

Please share with me all others in the comments section below. So everyone can get benifits from this article.

Anywhere so we can help each other and help people all over the world.

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5 fiverr gigs promotion strategies and how to get fiverr order fast
5 Fiverr Gigs promotion strategies and how to get Fiverr order fast?

In this article, I will share with you 5 Fiverr Gigs promotion strategies and how to get Fiverr order fast? The main problem that faces freelancers especially on Fiverr is that they have a great service they published but unfortunately, no orders, no clients, no one is ordering the services.

5 Fiverr gigs promotion strategies

Stay tuned and follow up with me.

Hi everyone I’m Shahzad. Today I’m so excited to share with you my own experience in promoting Fiverr Gigs services and I will show you some strategies to promote your services but I will share with you my own tips that made me launch my own services website “IT Shah”.

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So I don’t like wasting time. Let’s go directly to the point and start with strategy number one but please before I continue just two important points the first one in this article I am assuming that you are a beginner and you want to learn “how to promote Fiverr Gigs?”.
So you are not getting Fiverr orders or you want to promote and boost your Fiverr Gigs and services online.

The second point is that this article is not dedicated only to Fiverr you can promote your services on any freelancing platform like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, or if you are offering your services like me on your own website. So it’s how you can promote your services in general and it will work for you.

Anyway, now let’s start with strategy number one.

1- Strategy number one cold mailing?


So, what is cold mailing?

Simply it’s sending an email to someone that may be interested in your service so simple of course we’re not going to send one or two emails. We are going to send bulk emails like 500, 1000, or more emails per day and we will wait for some replies in this way you can get some orders.

So let’s give a direct example and some tips to make things simple for you.

When you want to send cold emails to prospects or to expected clients is to use a professional email. It’s a very good practice to send emails using a professional or a business email address here. I am using G-Suite to get this address. But you can use whatever you like.

So the first thing is to have a professional email address to look professional. Because when you want to send an email and someone receives it like from Gmail or yahoo or outlook it will not look professional you need to give some trust. When someone reads your email so this is tip number one always ensure to use a professional email address like or etc.


How to send bulk cold emails? Or How to send 500 or 1000 emails per day?

So to do this from inside Gmail you can use plugins like GMass which integrates directly inside your Gmail inbox and if you click on compose an email then you will see a GMass button and its functionality and you can now send cold emails with auto follow-ups track open and click rates and so on schedule emails. It’s like an email marketing system inside your Gmail account or your G-Suite account.


What is GMass?
GMass simply is a Google Chrome extension you can add to your chrome browser and you will have this system inside your Gmail account and then you can send bulk emails up to 2000 emails per day.

If you are using G-Suite or if you are using a normal Gmail account a free account you can send up to 500 emails but after you warm up the email everything about cold mailing with G-Suite.

I will not leave you with this distraction everything without explaining in this article. You can have your own marketing system. Like in my case I use a Mautic email marketing system connected to send grid or amazon SES or spark post or other services to send bulk campaigns. Also, this strategy is explained here but don’t worry now about complex scenarios you can go with now Gmail and G-Suite also free version just ensure to get a professional email with G-Suite and start your work.


Also, we have companies dedicated to cold emails like

You can also connect your G-Suite account and start sending cold emails with this company. So that’s it for sending cold emails.


Now may you are thinking here what do I write in the message and from where I can get emails?
These are the main two questions, of course, I can’t cover everything now in this article but I want to give you some tips.

Question #1: what do I write in the message?

Here is the answer to your first question.

I prepared an email template for you. You can use it if you want.

"Hi Mark,
I am Ruqia Fiverr level 1 seller. (Explain from where you got his/her contact detail) I provide web development, SEO, and other social media services that can definitely help you to grow your business and sales. I will analyze your business in-depth and then I will provide you best strategies that how you can take steps forward to start growing your business.

I will be happy to discuss this in more depth.

Best Regards,
Ruqia M."

Just replace the name “Mark” with your expected client name in the target email. Between the brackets explain how did you find him or how did you find his email maybe from his website or whatever and how you are related to them to this company or to this person then just say about your services what you are providing in short and clear detail and mention a direct benefit for him now then you can say bala bala bala. Mention the benefits again at the end line in detail and then I’ll be more than happy to discuss more with you and so on.


So this is a simple cold email template.

You can use it to start with and test cold email campaigns also we have another cold email template this somehow increases the reply rate.

You say hi I hope I’m not bothering you could you please refer me to the person in charge of your website as an example.

So in this case he will reply that I am the owner or he will refer you to the real owner and then you can continue with him conversation so the purpose of the cold email is to open a conversation between you and the expected client the prospect and then to turn him into a customer.

So this simply how you can write and send a cold email.

Question #2: Now the second important question is from where I can get a list of emails?

I want leads, I want an email list, I want a targeted email list, Bala Bala Bala.


Here is the answer to your second question.

In my article, you will learn how I scrape and use Google to scrape Linkedin as an example to get targeted leads or you can simply use some services like Snovio or hunter to get email addresses for anyone or you can do this manually and search the internet for people for websites that are related to your service.

Now I know we have a lot of services that I can’t cover now every type of service but in my case, I can contact any website owner any service owner any application owner, and ask him if he wants to promote his service.


Let me know in the comments below if you want me to share with you a real case example or real case scenario on how to send a cold email to get your first order.

Anyway now this is the first strategy is sending cold emails in order to provide your service and get more clients.

Just a small reminder doesn’t forget to use a professional email address and also before you send any email ensure you validate the emails and ensure they exist.

How to do this for free?
You can go to H-supertools or click directly here “Bulk Email Validation” and then you can enter a list of email addresses and validate them totally for free.

You have a limit of 200 emails. So it’s enough for you as a beginner to start with.
So this is about cold mailing.

Now since I like to help you as much as I can. I’m trying my best to help you.
Let’s continue our work and jump on to strategy number one.


how to get Fiverr order fast

how to get Fiverr order fast

2. Strategy number two Quora (Q & A Website)?

5 Fiverr gigs promotion strategies

Quora has around 300 million visitors today every month and 50% of these visitors are coming from the U.S. So it’s high-quality traffic and if you can get traffic from quora I promise you will get a lot of clients. A lot of visitors a lot of traffic.

On each question, I got 1000, 2000 views, and Imagine that you have views like me on your answers. I would say only 100 clicks on your service at least you will get one or two orders per day. So really Quora is so powerful.

Do you know that Quora is a daily routine for me every day? I spend like 10, 20, or 30 minutes on Quora answering up to five questions. This is really so important to get quality traffic and build trust with people. So people will know that you are giving them value and they will be happy to get your other paid services.

Quora is really so important please go now to Quora create a profile and try your best to make Quora a daily routine like me to get hundreds and thousands of clicks per month on your website, Fiverr, or any of your services.

Again highly recommended, please don’t waste your time, go and check Quora now. Click here


I created a free full video course about Quora on my YouTube channel where I explained A to Z that how to use Quora the best practices and so on.

Now just one important tip on Quora just ensure to give real value and explain step by step in full detail like a blog post and with full answer and mentioning all your websites, youtube videos of your youtube channel and include all your relevant links to promoting all your services nicely. Be sure it’s relevant to the topics otherwise, Quora will consider your answer spammy and will immediately block you permanently if you link out of the topic and your aim is just to post an irrelevant link and second, this is not copy-pasted the same context multiple time on deferent answers it will also consider spam.

So it’s important to give real value to people so your answers will be also promoted by Quora. Also when you provide value, Quora will promote your answers to other people. So it’s very important to give real value to the people and you will see direct results from the first day you post.


Now let’s move on now to strategy number three.


3. Strategies number three “Promoting on social media”

When I say promote on social media I don’t mean just go to Facebook join 50 groups and just start pasting your Fiverr links. This is totally a spammy way. I don’t like such methods and I don’t think this can get you anything.

So when I say promote on social media it’s like the method on Quora you need to build trust with people. So you can join some groups on Facebook and provide value to people then you can mention your services.

So let people know you and your services, website and you will see that orders will come automatically. No need to paste links and be that spammer who pastes links. Forget about these spammy methods that everyone using and crying that they don’t get the order and their Gigs are going down day by day Bala Bala. Change this mentality try to build a real online business for a long time. Don’t be a time pass and just focusing on 1 order. You will be 100% failed I guarantee you. Try to build your audience. So like next year you will not worry about getting clients. The client will contact you believe me.

Almost every day I get more than three to four emails from people requesting my services. Really this happens almost every day and I can’t provide them. So maybe if you contacted me before you know that I tell you please forgive me sorry I can’t provide the service right now. I don’t have time for that.

So really when you build an audience. When you have like 20000 followers/subscribers. When you have like 25000 or 30000 subscribers on YouTube. When you have 10000 visitors to your website every month. When you answering on Quora and when you build trust you will be contacted and you will not worry about getting clients.

So anyway now let’s go back to the topic. So, to use Facebook properly you have two options is to join some groups and give value to people so they can know you. Or you can start your own group/page. Like in my case I have a Facebook page name “IT Craft” related to my YouTube channel. It’s a technical training page with around 10,000+ members.

If you are a follower of my page you know that you will see only educational materials. I never share a Gig or a service like this. But the trust that I built with people will contact me on messenger on the private messenger or on my email to get my services.

So this is how things work. So use Facebook to build trust with people to build an audience.
There are many other most popular and click-worthy social media platforms such as Linkedin, Pinterest or Reddit, etc. Which has millions of visitors monthly but we can’t cover each and every platform in this article. So I will try to guide you at other times and if you are interested to learn about these platforms please comment below so I will try to write for you asap.

And yes you can use them to get traffic to your websites but we are covering in this article mainly Facebook, Quora, and Cold Emails.


So, let’s move on to the next strategy number four.


4. Content creation or content marketing:

For this strategy, you should have your own website or if you are a video creator and you have your own youtube channel then it works well for you. And if you don’t have your youtube channel then go and create now. Why you are waiting? Like me, I have 3 YouTube channels related to Technology, vlogging, News and Update, etc and I have many website like,,,, and many others and I always publish really valuable content. I get around 80,000+ views every month.

So if you have your own website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, or something related to social media then you can take advantage of this amount of traffic to promote your services.

In my case, I run some banner ads on my own websites to promote my own services like the youtube channel, Fiverr Gigs, Paid Courses so on.

And inside the articles, If you have noticed I promote also many of my services like promoting my youtube channel, Facebook page my websites, affiliate links, and so on.

So anyone can enter and see my services from my websites. So it’s very important to start a YouTube channel or have a website to be professional online to get visitors. Turn visitors into audience and audience into your fan/followers and believe me this audience will definitely get your services.

So it’s very important to have a blog and youtube channel and I really advise you to start a youtube channel if you already don’t have one. Because for me youtube is one of the most important factors of my success online almost 30% or 40% of my sales come from youtube.


If you want to get only 1 order and you are focusing on some bucks like $5 or $2 here then just stop reading this article and go out of here.

I’m talking about real business how to be a real freelancer, an entrepreneur in the long term, and work only from home with a full-time job.

So these are my four main strategies, to sum up, Cold Email Marketing, Quora Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and at last publishing content on youtube and on your website.


So these are the first four strategies and all are free as you saw just require some hard work. Just schedule your time every day to answer some questions on Quora. To write some articles and to create youtube videos to publish, some content and to build some trust on social media, and so on. You will see after a couple of days you have some audience.

You will start getting orders automatically. You will have a real freelancing business online.


So these are the first four free strategies. Now let’s jump to the 5th and last strategy.


5. Paid Advertising Promotion:


Now the question is how to promote Fiverr Gigs or your services with paid advertising?
I will not talk too much about paid advertising because I said before that this article is for beginners and I think almost 90% of beginners don’t have that budget to pay for paid ads. Even if you have a budget you will fail because of your less knowledge in this field.

But in case I want to give you a small piece of advice if you want to promote your Fiverr Gigs or your services with paid ads forget about Facebook ads, google ads and bing ads, or native ads.

In the first period and I do prefer you to go with Quora ads. In the Quora under your account, you have an ads manager. Let’s go to the ads manager and create a campaign.

Now in the campaign, you can see you can set an objective like in Facebook if you are familiar with Facebook ads and so on. Set the budget anything now you can start with a $10 per day conversion test.

What’s nice about Quora is the detailed targeting. So why I said Quora simply because when someone is in Quora asking a question as an example about digital marketing, Let’s say SEO as an example search engine optimization so if someone is asking about SEO is mean that person wants a solution in this topic. So if you are providing an SEO service you are matching the exact person. This is why I’m telling you Quora is the best place for a beginner if you want to use paid ads.

But again I tell you there is no need for paid ads just go every day like 20 minutes 30 minutes and answer the people’s questions and you will see how you get traffic, how you get orders, how you build an audience, how you build trust and build a real business online with Quora.

Little tips about Quora answering.
Just go to open your note and create some email marketing answers as an example. And once you see any relevant question on Quora you can just copy and paste answers. You will find many relevant questions that are the same. Just copy and modify it a little and paste. You’ll get good traffic within few days just from copying and pasting.

This is exactly what I do.

But if you want to run paid ads invest like $10 per day and test by yourself go with Quora ads and forget about Facebook and Google for the first period because on Facebook even you can target specific people but the targeting will not be when the user is searching for something. He will be just going through Facebook and I don’t think it’s a good idea to promote a service on Facebook as a beginner.
Yes if you have an audience later you can use retargeting on Facebook and so on but in the first place.
Once again, If you want to test paid ads I advise you a little advice is to use Quora ads.

So that’s it. 😉

These are the five strategies I hope you got some benefit from.
Please if you have any questions you want to share anything, if you want to test something, if you want to share with me, please comment it below and don’t forget to subscribe to my technical youtube channel “IT Craft” or vlogging channel “Shikray – Lets Explore”  and our newsletter to get latest updates from me.