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I’m not here to tell you to create a website and add some ads and wait for your visitors. No, I’m here to give you a new and unique online business idea with Google AdSense to make something per month without doing hardware. Do you know that? With only four hours per week of work, you can do passive income like 500, 600, 1000 dollars per month? So you can make money online from autopilot website.

make money online from autopilot website

Wait wait, I am not talking about amazon autopilot. Read the full article to get complete detail.


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So what is the online business idea in this article?
Like one year ago I created a website called this website was like a minor online business for me to test Google AdSense. So I published some articles and I hired some people to publish some articles for me and so on.
So I created this website and then I get some Google AdSense ads published on my website and I start earning from Google AdSense. I think this idea is familiar to you where you get ads and put on your website and get some revenue from ads.

Anyway, it’s not my goal in this article I want to talk about your business idea using Google AdSense ads.
What is this like couple of months ago I was sitting with my friend who was maintaining this website? And we started thinking about a way to increase our revenue and save time and cost managing this website. Because we had to publish articles almost every week we had to hire some publishers and so on so.

I get an idea and I told him why we don’t allow people to publish our website and they can earn money from this publish means. So they can publish articles and whenever they get views they earn money. Wow! So in this way we save time hiring publishers we save money hiring publishers, we save time writing articles by ourselves, we save time doing all this stuff. It was a great idea. So I start searching online for a method a technique of lament this on our website. It was a WordPress-based website but after a couple of days of searching, I didn’t find anything that automatically maintained everything for us. Because you know you need to moderate the article there’s a lot of details like security, like preventing scam and spammy visitors and so on. So I got some plugins from hit enter and I thought about programming it by myself but this really needs a lot of time. So I continued searching online and after a couple of weeks, I found the solution. I found Pressfly someone developed exactly what I wanted.

make money online

I was thinking about a full website that can manage everything for you and allows you to implement ads and allow people to publish on your website and earn money per view. It’s exactly what I needed. This awesome script I found on code Canyon it’s around $60. So I bought this license and I migrated to this website.

So now here is tactical and I think you already had about it before this is my website now AtaDesk and people can simply sign in and write and get paid now. If you open any article you will see that the website has a lot of ads here. So now people can publish articles on my website earn money at the same time.

make money online from autopilot website

I’m earning money online without bothering my head doing anything. It’s 100% passive income. We just need to moderate articles to ensure that people are not scamming and what’s nice this system has everything for you. If we go and login to the admin panel or the admin dashboard we have a section for the new pending articles where you can see someone has submitted articles etc.
In this script and its system, you can send a message to the author to change, edit or moderate anything. Everything is already in this system.
It’s really an awesome system. Thanks to this programmer. This PHP system makes really simple to implement this online business what’s nice also in this article. I will give a license a giveaway for someone who comments and likes this article so hurries up comment below like the article. I will announce the winner soon on this website.

So that’s it this is the idea.

Now let’s go and talk about some tips for this online business.
I want to show you first how I moderate this article easily in a few steps you remember at the beginning I told you it’s like 4 hours per week work. This only for moderating articles to check if the articles are suitable and they are not scams and so on.

So what I do simply I go to grammar calm and I copy this article simply and I go here to check grammar. You can use this tool is free with no fees. You don’t need a premium account. I just paste the article and I see if it has a lot of errors and mistakes. So simply I can go and tell him to fix the mistakes before I can publish the article.

grammar checking free tools
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We have done grammar checking and now it’s time to check plagiarism. So simply just visit this website and copy/paste your article and it will tell you the percentage of plagiarism.

plagiarism checker
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If the article has up to 30% plagiarism so I can simply reject the article.

You can double-check grammar and plagiarism with other online tools whatever you like. You can find various tools on Google. Just go and check.

So if you reject someone multiple times it means he/she is not a real publisher. I don’t want my website to be a scam website. I want three publishers’ real articles so simply I checked with grammar and this spun content checker. If everything is fine I approve the article and then it republished on my awesome website and the publisher can start earning money with me.

make money online

So simple, so sweet now you may be asking, “how I can get this script and publish on my website hosted and so on of course”.
I will not waste time in this article to repeat again and again the same thing in all articles so it better to check my other article where I have described previously that “how to host a PHP script easily in minutes”?

The second thing that this article is targeting people who have already a Google AdSense account approved account or any alternative where you can publish ads on your website. Because you will earn through ads we can simply publish and start paying publishers without having ads.

I prefer Google AdSense which I feel it’s the best company for ad publishers. So if you don’t have one you need one before.

The third thing I want to mention is marketing like any online business marketing is 70% of the idea of the plan you can simply publish this website and set a new chair and wait for thousands of visitors the next day it doesn’t work you need to market this business. What helped me launch this website easily is that I have already built an audience.

Before I have like thousands of subscribers on my YouTube channels I have thousands of subscribers on my email list I have thousands of subscribers on my Facebook messenger marketing list and I use Facebook ads I use YouTube ads to market my services.
So this somehow made it easier for me to publish and run this website. So if you are still new if you don’t have any follower base you need to pay some effort marketing this website like on Facebook on Reddit or social media.
Maybe you need to use paid ads maybe you need to create a YouTube channel to talk about it and so on.


  1. Tip number one don’t allow scammers to publish on your website.
  2. Tip number two market and market.
  3. Tip number three is only for people who have a Google AdSense account or an alternative.

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