Shahzad Ghafoor
Shahzad Ghafoor

IT Professional & HR Manager


Hello, I am Shahzad Ghafoor. Founder of I am your IT Professional & HR Manager having 10 Years of experience. I have started my career in 2010. After 4 years of struggling period, I decided to move globally to learn more advanced technology. Then I traveled to Saudi Arabia and worked 5 Years with different well-named brands like Panda Market, Shobra Super Market, Hail Mall, Noura Pharmacy, Saudi Pharmacy, Dawaa Pharmacy, Consumer Cooperative Association Balfrah century, Hyperstar, Riyadh Bank, Tedco, Dedco, Saudi Marble Company and much more...

Then finally I have decided to start my own technology business where I can help the businesses to work smoothly and now I am here with my professional team to share our experience with you. We will get you the best result possible.

IT Professional


HR Manager


CCTV Camera


Time Attendance Management


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