5 Fiverr Gigs Ideas that required zero skills to make money online
5 Fiverr Gigs Ideas that required zero skills to make money online

5 Fiverr Gigs Ideas that required zero skills to make money online

One of the easiest and simplest methods to make money online is publishing your skills and services on websites like Fiverr freelancer Upwork and then you can start making money online by providing your services as a freelancer.

Today I will show you five services five gigs you can publish that required zero skills and start making money online even if you have no skills.

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Hi everyone I’m Shahzad. Today I’m more than happy to be with you in this new interesting article. Today I want to show you how you can start making money online as a freelancer even if you have no skills and zero skills.

I will show you five services, five gigs you can publish today on Fiverr and start making money online even if you don’t know anything.

So let’s start with number one is providing a service to remove image backgrounds.

Now you may tell me hey!
I don’t know Photoshop. I don’t know how to work with images and editing and so on.
Don’t worry I will show you now in one minute how we can remove the background of any image in one click. You can go to Fiverr and see that we have a lot of gigs that provide this service “remove background”.

Image background removal gig, photo background removal, photo bg removal, transparent image, background eraser, and so on. These all are providing the same services.

So how we can remove an image background? Simply just open this website “remove.bg“, upload your image and click on the remove button. It will automatically remove the image background perfectly. You will be amazed after seeing the results that how this website knows this is the background and this is the actual image. The accuracy of this site is amazingly perfect. Within few seconds your image is ready with transparent background and you can send it to your client. but if your client needs white background or any other background color just open photoshop create a new image and make it color whatever your client likes and upload your original image to photoshop and then copy and paste the whole image onto the new image with a colored background. Now save the image and you are done. Send it to your client.

Idea number two providing a depth SEO report for any website.

Okay, what is SEO or an SEO report? If you go into Fiverr and search for SEO as an example. You will find a lot of people offering SEO services and some offering just an SEO report in-depth report about a website to show them what’s wrong with their websites and help them rank on search engines.
So just in three seconds what is SEO it stands for search engine optimization and it’s a technique to optimize your website.
So you can rank on Google or any search engine and get free organic traffic from search engines.

So how you can provide a depth SEO report of any website. If you have no knowledge simply use this service go to SEO “seositecheckup.com”.

So you publish this service this gig on Fiverr and when someone asks you for this report you just get his website. Ask him about his website and you enter it there and the analyzer now will run and do everything for you.

You don’t need to worry about anything you just wait like for one minute and the application will analyze the website and give you an depth detailed report.

And tell your clients what’s wrong with the website. So the client can get help in optimizing his website for SEO and ranking his website. So now just click on download report. Just click download report and you will get the complete report in PDF format. You will see a full detailed report.
We can just send him this report and provide this service you can download here. If you want and have this PDF file and send it to the customer or the user who requested this service.

So this is number two providing an SEO report for any website.

Number three designing video ads for advertisements.

now maybe you are thinking that you don’t have video editing skills and Bala Bala. Don’t worry about this you don’t need any skills to make a video just open the website “invideo.io” and choose your desired screen verticle or horizontal whatever you want. Like for mobile screen or computer screen etc. Choose a size and write some text and click on make a video. So simple it will make automatically video ad for you and you can download and send it to the client and get charges. On this website, there are thousands of freestyles that you can use to create video ads for free.

The client can ask you for the Facebook campaign, maybe he needs to display this ad on a website and whatever he wants. You can just create ads for clients free of cost without any editing skills.

What do we mean by this you know we have a lot of websites providing freelancing services like freelancer.com like Upwork like Fiverr and so on. So the idea here is to publish a gig on Fiverr as an example or on freelancer and then resell it. So you find a cheap gig for maybe five dollars, ten dollars, twenty dollars on Fiverr, and then you publish on freelancer with a higher cost or higher price. so and you earn the difference between the two prices.

I promote your business with video ads for around 100 dollars for one month. you can see this a service I provide on my website.

So you can simply publish a gig on Fiverr with the same service description and then you buy the service from here and publish on Fiverr and you add a difference you can. as an example publish it with 120 dollars or 150 dollars and so on.

So go and find a service on Fiverr and publish it somewhere else or find it on other websites and publish it on Fiverr and then you can end like a commission or the difference between the two prices.

I hope the idea is somehow simple. So in this way, you will not worry about any skills and experience anything you just order it from here and published it on the second website and you earn the price difference number five is commenting on blogs, anyone.

Idea number four is “blog comments” Go to Fiverr and search this service. You will find a lot of people will tell you. I will give you high-quality backlinks using blog comments. I will comment on whatever blogs about these niches and so on.

So simply you can provide this service on Fiverr by commenting on other blogs. So let’s check this website where right now you are reading this article. if you scroll down you will find a section to submit your comment. This is the way where you can submit your comment. Go to google and find some websites which allow you to submit your comment. Search query “blog commenting websites”.
as an example let’s say, client, told you I want this service I want you to comment on my blog like twice a week or maybe three times a week and so on from different accounts.

So you simply up on my blog you go and open any article here and you read the article and then you go down here and comment on this blog.

I think the idea is somehow so simple you just provide a service by commenting on other blogs. this will help blog owners get more backlinks and increase the authority and the rank of their website.

So it’s somehow an SEO service but you are providing a simple task which is commenting on other blogs. I hope the idea is somehow simple these five ideas with no experience, zero skills, zero knowledge you can start working today on Fiverr or any other freelancing website and start as a freelancer online and make money online.

Idea number five is email marketing. For this, you just need an email directory. simply go to google and find the email list of the united states, an email list of India Bala Bala. so you can target specific countries whatever you want.
Just collect email which thousands of websites will give you free of cost in millions email. You just go to Fiverr and make a gig where you can write “I will send 500 emails daily for 1 one month, 2months, etc”. So in this way client will contact you and give you a list of email content that he/she wants to send to the customers. You just copy-paste that content title and description and go to Gmail and send, copy-paste 500 emails from your list and paste here. then write the title and description and send it. That’s it. I think it’s pretty simple and required no knowledge and skills.

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