How to pass a Fiverr test?
How to pass a Fiverr test?

Hi, If you are here to get guidance about how to pass a Fiverr test? Then you are in the right place and I am your Fiverr specialist. This is a question that everyone who works on Fiverr, whether seller or buyer, wants to know.
But the answer lies only with tho who really experienced. I started working on Fiverr eight years ago. But at that time I had a very unusual knowledge of how to work on Fiverr? and how to make money from Fiverr?

How to pass a Fiverr test?

I worked very hard for two years but the result was zero. Then a friend told me that just creating an account on Fiverr will do nothing. You will have to create a Gig on it according to your experience. And one thing to keep in mind while creating a Gig is what is SEO and how it works? Then I researched it well and made all my Gigs SEO Friendly. As soon as I made an SEO friendly Gig but it didn’t make much difference.

Then a friend told me that doing a Gig SEO is not enough. The next step is you have to pass the Fiverr test. Unless you pass the test, Fiverr will never promote your gig until they know that you are really educated and experienced. After that, I pass a Fiverr test and my Gig came to the front page of Fiverr and started getting a lot of orders every day. This was my short Fiverr story.

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