5 Fiverr Gigs Ideas that required zero skills to make money online
5 Fiverr Gigs Ideas that required zero skills to make money online

5 Fiverr Gigs Ideas that required zero skills to make money online

One of the easiest and simplest methods to make money online is publishing your skills and services on websites like Fiverr freelancer Upwork and then you can start making money online by providing your services as a freelancer.

Today I will show you five services five gigs you can publish that required zero skills and start making money online even if you have no skills.

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Hi everyone I’m Shahzad. Today I’m more than happy to be with you in this new interesting article. Today I want to show you how you can start making money online as a freelancer even if you have no skills and zero skills.

I will show you five services, five gigs you can publish today on Fiverr and start making money online even if you don’t know anything.

So let’s start with number one is providing a service to remove image backgrounds.

Now you may tell me hey!
I don’t know Photoshop. I don’t know how to work with images and editing and so on.
Don’t worry I will show you now in one minute how we can remove the background of any image in one click. You can go to Fiverr and see that we have a lot of gigs that provide this service “remove background”.

Image background removal gig, photo background removal, photo bg removal, transparent image, background eraser, and so on. These all are providing the same services.

So how we can remove an image background? Simply just open this website “remove.bg“, upload your image and click on the remove button. It will automatically remove the image background perfectly. You will be amazed after seeing the results that how this website knows this is the background and this is the actual image. The accuracy of this site is amazingly perfect. Within few seconds your image is ready with transparent background and you can send it to your client. but if your client needs white background or any other background color just open photoshop create a new image and make it color whatever your client likes and upload your original image to photoshop and then copy and paste the whole image onto the new image with a colored background. Now save the image and you are done. Send it to your client.

Idea number two providing a depth SEO report for any website.

Okay, what is SEO or an SEO report? If you go into Fiverr and search for SEO as an example. You will find a lot of people offering SEO services and some offering just an SEO report in-depth report about a website to show them what’s wrong with their websites and help them rank on search engines.
So just in three seconds what is SEO it stands for search engine optimization and it’s a technique to optimize your website.
So you can rank on Google or any search engine and get free organic traffic from search engines.

So how you can provide a depth SEO report of any website. If you have no knowledge simply use this service go to SEO “seositecheckup.com”.

So you publish this service this gig on Fiverr and when someone asks you for this report you just get his website. Ask him about his website and you enter it there and the analyzer now will run and do everything for you.

You don’t need to worry about anything you just wait like for one minute and the application will analyze the website and give you an depth detailed report.

And tell your clients what’s wrong with the website. So the client can get help in optimizing his website for SEO and ranking his website. So now just click on download report. Just click download report and you will get the complete report in PDF format. You will see a full detailed report.
We can just send him this report and provide this service you can download here. If you want and have this PDF file and send it to the customer or the user who requested this service.

So this is number two providing an SEO report for any website.

Number three designing video ads for advertisements.

now maybe you are thinking that you don’t have video editing skills and Bala Bala. Don’t worry about this you don’t need any skills to make a video just open the website “invideo.io” and choose your desired screen verticle or horizontal whatever you want. Like for mobile screen or computer screen etc. Choose a size and write some text and click on make a video. So simple it will make automatically video ad for you and you can download and send it to the client and get charges. On this website, there are thousands of freestyles that you can use to create video ads for free.

The client can ask you for the Facebook campaign, maybe he needs to display this ad on a website and whatever he wants. You can just create ads for clients free of cost without any editing skills.

What do we mean by this you know we have a lot of websites providing freelancing services like freelancer.com like Upwork like Fiverr and so on. So the idea here is to publish a gig on Fiverr as an example or on freelancer and then resell it. So you find a cheap gig for maybe five dollars, ten dollars, twenty dollars on Fiverr, and then you publish on freelancer with a higher cost or higher price. so and you earn the difference between the two prices.

I promote your business with video ads for around 100 dollars for one month. you can see this a service I provide on my website.

So you can simply publish a gig on Fiverr with the same service description and then you buy the service from here and publish on Fiverr and you add a difference you can. as an example publish it with 120 dollars or 150 dollars and so on.

So go and find a service on Fiverr and publish it somewhere else or find it on other websites and publish it on Fiverr and then you can end like a commission or the difference between the two prices.

I hope the idea is somehow simple. So in this way, you will not worry about any skills and experience anything you just order it from here and published it on the second website and you earn the price difference number five is commenting on blogs, anyone.

Idea number four is “blog comments” Go to Fiverr and search this service. You will find a lot of people will tell you. I will give you high-quality backlinks using blog comments. I will comment on whatever blogs about these niches and so on.

So simply you can provide this service on Fiverr by commenting on other blogs. So let’s check this website where right now you are reading this article. if you scroll down you will find a section to submit your comment. This is the way where you can submit your comment. Go to google and find some websites which allow you to submit your comment. Search query “blog commenting websites”.
as an example let’s say, client, told you I want this service I want you to comment on my blog like twice a week or maybe three times a week and so on from different accounts.

So you simply up on my blog you go and open any article here and you read the article and then you go down here and comment on this blog.

I think the idea is somehow so simple you just provide a service by commenting on other blogs. this will help blog owners get more backlinks and increase the authority and the rank of their website.

So it’s somehow an SEO service but you are providing a simple task which is commenting on other blogs. I hope the idea is somehow simple these five ideas with no experience, zero skills, zero knowledge you can start working today on Fiverr or any other freelancing website and start as a freelancer online and make money online.

Idea number five is email marketing. For this, you just need an email directory. simply go to google and find the email list of the united states, an email list of India Bala Bala. so you can target specific countries whatever you want.
Just collect email which thousands of websites will give you free of cost in millions email. You just go to Fiverr and make a gig where you can write “I will send 500 emails daily for 1 one month, 2months, etc”. So in this way client will contact you and give you a list of email content that he/she wants to send to the customers. You just copy-paste that content title and description and go to Gmail and send, copy-paste 500 emails from your list and paste here. then write the title and description and send it. That’s it. I think it’s pretty simple and required no knowledge and skills.

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Fastest way to make money online without investment

In this blog, I will tell you the fastest way to make money online without investment today from your home. I will tell you to step by step with real numbers that how you can start today and make at least $300, $500 up to $1000 from your first month. You can scale up in the upcoming months this blog may change your life so stay tuned and follow up with me.

Hi everyone, I am Shahzad and today I am more than happy to share with you this step-by-step guide to make money online as fast as possible.

So let’s now stop wasting time and go directly to our point and see the fastest way that how we can make money online. But before I want to show you by numbers that this really works and you can do it right now from your home.

I will go and log in to my earnings dashboard here and here is my withdrawal history. You can see from like four months ago in April, I made around $347, $400+, then $500, and now $715 Bala Bala.

You can apply the same strategy to make more than that by the way these numbers are just like 30 minutes or one hour of work per day. If you work like two hours per day definitely can make more money.

Let’s now go to the strategy step by step.

Strategy number two is affiliate marketing:
In this article, I will go to the second method which is affiliate marketing. Why because I believe it is the easiest way and the fastest way to make money online.

So, what is affiliate marketing?
Simply affiliate marketing is promoting a product and earning a commission.

Why it’s simple? Because you don’t need to create any product. You are promoting other companies’ products for other people. So you will not worry about investing in a product or developing an application or whatever.
So you only promote. You only advertise and this is the power of affiliate marketing. And you will earn a commission on each payment. So this is why affiliate marketing is simple and easy that you only promote.

What is your first step to making money online?

Please get a paper and write down notes to apply the same strategy I will tell you in this article.
It’s really an awesome strategy simple and easy in one month you can make money.

So, the first step in affiliate marketing is choosing the product you want to promote. We have thousands and thousands of affiliate products to promote.


What product to choose to make money online without investment?

My little advice for you is to choose two types of products.
The first one will give you a commission on a monthly basis. So you will get a recurring commission. In my case, I use SEMrush which is an SEO service company and the affiliate program is BeRush.

I’m enrolled in allows you to earn recurring commission you see forty percent recurring commission. So as an example the service cost like one hundred dollars per month you will earn 40 dollars for each client per month recurringly and this is very important you can build a business with a fully passive income with servers like this.

Another example is click funnels. It also allows you with the affiliate program to earn recurring commissions. we have a lot of examples that give you recurring commissions.

I’ll explain some of those examples in my full making money video on my YouTube channel “IT Craft”. You can refer to it. Anyway…

So the first product you will choose is a product as a service that gives you recurring commissions. It’s not mandatory you are not obliged to do this but it’s a tip. It is a good practice to choose such services. If you are looking for a recurring commission in the long term.

Anyway, the second example is to choose a product in my case I am promoting Envato products. Envato is a marketplace for digital assets and applications and mainly I promote code canyon products. Which are like WordPress themes, HTML templates, PHP scripts, and so on.
So if you choose multiple products you can make more money from different sources.

Anyway now why I choose code canyon simply because it is related to my business. it’s related to my content. now if you want to follow exactly the same strategy as mine, you can go with Envato and test by yourself. if not you can choose like SEMrush, Click Funnels, Click Bank, and so on whatever you like. We have thousands and thousands of products to promote on each platform. In my case i am using code canyon it’s up to you.

You can use the same service as me but I advise you to select at least two products like SEMrush or click funnels. If you want fixed commissions on each payment like Clickbank or code canyon or any product that you like to promote.

Now it’s time to promote and earn a commission.
Now I will show you in one month how you can get traffic to your affiliate offers and make money exactly what I do to promote the affiliate offers. Simply we are going to create two things a blog and a youtube channel.

So as I told you we will make money in one month only so the first week is creating your blog and creating your youtube channel without publishing anything.
So now you need to create a website. In my case, I am using WordPress to create my website.
If you like to know anything about my website, my theme anything you want you can comment below and I’ll be more than happy to answer any question.

So go now and create a website. You can use also blogger.com which is totally free from Google to create a free blog. It’s up to you, you can create a blog with Blogger or WordPress. But I do prefer WordPress because it has a lot of options plugins that help you in affiliate marketing and in your business.

“See this video that how to buy a domain name & hosting or you can hire a developer in few bucks who will buy domain & hosting for you. You don’t need to do anything. Just order them and they will do everything for you. Here are two different developers you can hire anyone you like, Shahzad G. , Ruqia M.”

Anyway now you need to create a website. In my case, I created this website and I posted some articles. what you are going to do simply is, in this month the first week you will create a website and youtube channel. with no content. The second week you will go and search for content related to your products.

If you don’t know how to create a youtube channel, click here to get someone expert to create a professional youtube channel include logo, cover banner, brand name, and all other stuff, etc.

This is how things work so what you are going to do. Simply is in the second week you will go and find some content ideas related to your products. As an example, we are writing about click funnels. You will go and create a video on your youtube channel about click funnels. How it works and so on. You can create a video about semrush and whatever you like.

So in my case, since I’m promoting semrush and mailwiz plugins. I create videos about digital marketing about scripts related to code canyon and I mention the links in the description of the videos. and in my blog the same way if you notice this article which you are reading right now you will find some affiliate links to those products which I am promoting.

So this is a simple strategy for how it works.

You need a website and a youtube channel, you will create content related to the affiliate products, and then anyone who’s watched your video or read your blog post will go and click on your affiliate link and you will get a commission.

But here we have the main problem if you create a new youtube channel. You may get zero views. if you create a blog you may get zero visitors.

so we don’t have any visitors, We don’t have anyone watching our videos, so the main problem now is how to get traffic to our youtube channel and to our blog post.

Now comes to the main point that how we can get traffic to our youtube channel and on our website. where we will promote the affiliate products. and if you do this definitely you will make money so the main problem is visitors.

Now to make things simple for you I created a step-by-step video on the youtube channel “Craft IT”. How to promote and rank your youtube videos. If you go to youtube and search for mailwizz as an example. you will find that my video is at the top. this is why I’m getting a lot of traffic in the same way like build SMTP or whatever you will find that my videos are on top of youtube these three videos on top of youtube and so on.

So I rank on youtube on a lot of keywords and this is how I get a lot of traffic. So imagine if you get only 200 or 300 clicks from this traffic definitely you will make $500, $1000 dollars per month it will be so simple and what’s nice it’s passive income.

If you rank your video once on youtube you just sit down and look at your earnings. it’s totally passive this is the power of affiliate marketing and this is the power of this strategy.

It’s totally free you need a website a blog that you can create for free on blogger. So everything is free. The products are awesome you just create content and get traffic to youtube and to your affiliate links.
The second problem is getting visitors to our website. For this one of the most important methods is Quora. Which I explained in detail in various articles and my youtube channel.

Answers on Quora and get 1000s of views every day without paying anything. If only two or three clicks on the link you will make at least $500 per month.

Now you see how things work.
This is why from the first month if you see for the first month. I did around three hundred dollars with only one article or maybe two videos and just sitting like 10 minutes or 20 minutes every day on Quora.

Again to sum up the strategy create a blog, create a youtube channel, create videos, write articles about the products and get visitors using these methods which I have mentioned above and you will definitely get thousands of views, thousands of traffic on your content and then simply promoting the affiliate products.
I promise you, if you do this correctly as I explained to you, you will earn $500+ from the first month and more.

It’s really so simple just a little work for the first month like two-three hours a day from the first month. You will see thousands of dollars in your bank account.

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How to make money online from autopilot website

I’m not here to tell you to create a website and add some ads and wait for your visitors. No, I’m here to give you a new and unique online business idea with Google AdSense to make something per month without doing hardware. Do you know that? With only four hours per week of work, you can do passive income like 500, 600, 1000 dollars per month? So you can make money online from autopilot website.

make money online from autopilot website

Wait wait, I am not talking about amazon autopilot. Read the full article to get complete detail.


Stay tuned and follow up with me before we start please don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter or YouTube Channel to get every new update.

So what is the online business idea in this article?
Like one year ago I created a website called AtaDesk.com this website was like a minor online business for me to test Google AdSense. So I published some articles and I hired some people to publish some articles for me and so on.
So I created this website and then I get some Google AdSense ads published on my website and I start earning from Google AdSense. I think this idea is familiar to you where you get ads and put on your website and get some revenue from ads.

Anyway, it’s not my goal in this article I want to talk about your business idea using Google AdSense ads.
What is this like couple of months ago I was sitting with my friend who was maintaining this website? And we started thinking about a way to increase our revenue and save time and cost managing this website. Because we had to publish articles almost every week we had to hire some publishers and so on so.

I get an idea and I told him why we don’t allow people to publish our website and they can earn money from this publish means. So they can publish articles and whenever they get views they earn money. Wow! So in this way we save time hiring publishers we save money hiring publishers, we save time writing articles by ourselves, we save time doing all this stuff. It was a great idea. So I start searching online for a method a technique of lament this on our website. It was a WordPress-based website but after a couple of days of searching, I didn’t find anything that automatically maintained everything for us. Because you know you need to moderate the article there’s a lot of details like security, like preventing scam and spammy visitors and so on. So I got some plugins from hit enter and I thought about programming it by myself but this really needs a lot of time. So I continued searching online and after a couple of weeks, I found the solution. I found Pressfly someone developed exactly what I wanted.

make money online

I was thinking about a full website that can manage everything for you and allows you to implement ads and allow people to publish on your website and earn money per view. It’s exactly what I needed. This awesome script I found on code Canyon it’s around $60. So I bought this license and I migrated to this website.

So now here is tactical and I think you already had about it before this is my website now AtaDesk and people can simply sign in and write and get paid now. If you open any article you will see that the website has a lot of ads here. So now people can publish articles on my website earn money at the same time.

make money online from autopilot website

I’m earning money online without bothering my head doing anything. It’s 100% passive income. We just need to moderate articles to ensure that people are not scamming and what’s nice this system has everything for you. If we go and login to the admin panel or the admin dashboard we have a section for the new pending articles where you can see someone has submitted articles etc.
In this script and its system, you can send a message to the author to change, edit or moderate anything. Everything is already in this system.
It’s really an awesome system. Thanks to this programmer. This PHP system makes really simple to implement this online business what’s nice also in this article. I will give a license a giveaway for someone who comments and likes this article so hurries up comment below like the article. I will announce the winner soon on this website.

So that’s it this is the idea.

Now let’s go and talk about some tips for this online business.
I want to show you first how I moderate this article easily in a few steps you remember at the beginning I told you it’s like 4 hours per week work. This only for moderating articles to check if the articles are suitable and they are not scams and so on.

So what I do simply I go to grammar calm and I copy this article simply and I go here to check grammar. You can use this tool is free with no fees. You don’t need a premium account. I just paste the article and I see if it has a lot of errors and mistakes. So simply I can go and tell him to fix the mistakes before I can publish the article.

grammar checking free tools
Click on the image to zoom

We have done grammar checking and now it’s time to check plagiarism. So simply just visit this website and copy/paste your article and it will tell you the percentage of plagiarism.

plagiarism checker
Click on the image to zoom

If the article has up to 30% plagiarism so I can simply reject the article.

You can double-check grammar and plagiarism with other online tools whatever you like. You can find various tools on Google. Just go and check.

So if you reject someone multiple times it means he/she is not a real publisher. I don’t want my website to be a scam website. I want three publishers’ real articles so simply I checked with grammar and this spun content checker. If everything is fine I approve the article and then it republished on my awesome website and the publisher can start earning money with me.

make money online

So simple, so sweet now you may be asking, “how I can get this script and publish on my website hosted and so on of course”.
I will not waste time in this article to repeat again and again the same thing in all articles so it better to check my other article where I have described previously that “how to host a PHP script easily in minutes”?

The second thing that this article is targeting people who have already a Google AdSense account approved account or any alternative where you can publish ads on your website. Because you will earn through ads we can simply publish and start paying publishers without having ads.

I prefer Google AdSense which I feel it’s the best company for ad publishers. So if you don’t have one you need one before.

The third thing I want to mention is marketing like any online business marketing is 70% of the idea of the plan you can simply publish this website and set a new chair and wait for thousands of visitors the next day it doesn’t work you need to market this business. What helped me launch this website easily is that I have already built an audience.

Before I have like thousands of subscribers on my YouTube channels I have thousands of subscribers on my email list I have thousands of subscribers on my Facebook messenger marketing list and I use Facebook ads I use YouTube ads to market my services.
So this somehow made it easier for me to publish and run this website. So if you are still new if you don’t have any follower base you need to pay some effort marketing this website like on Facebook on Reddit or social media.
Maybe you need to use paid ads maybe you need to create a YouTube channel to talk about it and so on.


  1. Tip number one don’t allow scammers to publish on your website.
  2. Tip number two market and market.
  3. Tip number three is only for people who have a Google AdSense account or an alternative.

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